Matters of the mind

Do you know what is the most intriguing aspect of human beings? If  you’re thinking – the mind, you’ve got it right! As captivating as the mind is, it is equally confusing, conflicting, imaginative and curious. Though the mind has existed since life started on this planet, the attempt to understand it has been made only a few centuries ago. Wonder why? Because it is intangible, unlike our physical problems which can be diagnosed and detected through a series of tests. But fortunately, recent studies and researches have given enough and more evidence on the importance of mental health. 

Though the conversation has begun, did you know one of the key elements of mental health is the fact that it presents itself differently in different age groups? Well… if you didn’t, we are glad you are here to read about it! 

The most imperative time to build the mental health framework is during childhood.  The brain is still developing, schemas are still being formed – it is the most impressionable age. Hence, we bring you ways to keep a check on the mental health of the young minds who are going to shape our tomorrow. Now, we are no experts but hey, dealing with children did teach us a thing or two about their well-being. So, here’s our two cents: 

Have continuous check-ins: As mentors/teachers we check-in with our students regularly at Claylab. This way they have an outlet and a safe space where they can share anything and everything that is bothering them. Not just that, children can help themselves by writing down everything that happened during the week. This way they too can keep a track of their moods, events and growth. 

Create a buddy system: In this virtual world it is a task to form real connections and this impacts how a child perceives the world. So, partner up students or form a group where the children have the simple task of getting to know each other beyond the world of reels, looks and likes. 

Introduce activity and exercise as a daily task: Remember: The body and the mind are connected. Therefore, engage children into some sort of physical movement; it could be anything from dance to sports. 

To all the kids out there, running amidst nature is much more fun than Subway surfers or PubG. 

Never say NO to sleep: This is even for the adults –  the easiest way to give your mind some rest is to take a nap. Trust us, you will function much better and that 8 hour magic sleep can literally do wonders. 

There are a million other things we all could do to assure that the mental quotient of our young ones can be at its best. And to the leaders of tomorrow, the above applies to you too. It is your duty to maintain your mental as well as physical health. Being a child or a student is all about being carefree and being ready to take on the world but to do that – the mind must be in the right place. 

Life will have its ups and downs but remember this while you go through them: ‘The mind is a great servant but a terrible master.’

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