Point to Note, Your Honour!

It’s that time of an already strange couple of years where everyone suddenly, EVERYONE wants to make the most out of 2021 even though between 31.12.2020 and 01.01.2021, the only thing that has really changed… is the date. That said, with a whole lot of academic exercises and new academic adventures coming our way, allContinue reading “Point to Note, Your Honour!”

The recipe for success in 2021!

Our planet is a home for innumerable life forms. They play their part in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Like all other species we are just another kind, trying to sustain ourselves and the planet. Though, do you ever wonder what sets us apart from all other life forms? Well… It is simply ourContinue reading “The recipe for success in 2021!”

My favourite dessert and what it means to me!

I have a very long list of my favourite desserts. But talking about the most favourite, it is CHOCOLATES. It is something that makes me a very happy person. I always wait for relatives to come home so that I can get some chocolates, as gifts. For me eating chocolates doesn’t have a fixed time,Continue reading “My favourite dessert and what it means to me!”

Masuma’s learnings from 2020

The year, 2020, has taught us something new which we weren’t familiar with. 2020 has been filled with joy ,happiness and excitedment for some people. Whereas, it has been the worst time for some people. This pandemic made us experience alot more than usual. Almost everyone wasn’t prepare for it. But now we are soContinue reading “Masuma’s learnings from 2020”