Claylab Education Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (A section 8 company) working towards providing quality education to our children, the leaders of the future, during their higher secondary grades.

We provide after school support to high school students from less privileged backgrounds at a very affordable price. We, not only provide academic support, but also support students towards development of 21st century skills like Critical thinking, Collaboration, Ownership, Resilience and Empathy. All our structures are online and students from any part of the country can join us.

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We believe in continuous learning and therefore would like to learn from you as well.

We run these structures with the help of Claylab Fellows who join us for a year to provide academic support to students and Claylab Mentors who join us and provide one to one personalised support to students just like an elder bhaiyaa or didi. We believe in value based education a lot and therefore, we deliver all of structures with a lot of affection for our students.

To reach out to all students, we need your help. And the good news is that you can sponsor a ward for as low as Rs 1000 per month! We don’t believe in passive donation. Donors can play a very important part in the development of our students. Therefore, rather than asking for one time donation, we invite you to be the part of Claylab family through Claylab Sponsathon.

Claylab Blog – Student’s voice

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CLAYLAB is not a business or school. It is a mission to ensure that no one is left behind. It is a dream to ensure that everyone’s dreams come true.

Shweta,11th grade Science student,

At CLAYLAB, everyone’s point of view is respected and worked upon. I am also getting a lot of opportunities to explore and work upon my talents.

Ranjana, 11th grade Commerce student

We believe that education should be a joYful experience for students and therefore, we also operate with this same mindset and we love to celebrate every day and every milestone



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1st Anniversary of Claylab

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