Virtue of The Wise

Out of all the subjects that we have studied in school, each one of us surely has a personal favourite. What was yours? If at all the answer to this question is History, then you must be proud of the rich heritage of our country and how we have battled against all odds to reach where we are today. However, knowing about the journey might have opened your eyes to the atrocities we faced and the wars we fought for this independence. Despite the bloodshed, the sacrifices and the wars, we are still known as the ‘Land of non-violence’. Do you know why? The credit for this goes to the man whose peaceful and non-violent ways brought us a step closer to independence – Mahatma Gandhi. He truly practiced what he preached and laid the foundation for ‘Peace’ as a means to achieve the desired outcome.

Years after his departure, his teachings are still relevant but the essence has been lost over the years. Are we really following the footsteps of the man who revolutionized the struggle for independence? Even though the intensity is not the same as before, the world is still fighting wars – some externally and others internally. The reason for this is simply the detachment from our foundation.

So, how do we find our way back to our foundation? Firstly, by attempting to reconnect with the Virtue of the Wise i.e. Peace and here’s how we can go about it:

  1. Be empathetic: Understanding someone’s feelings without judgement can go a long way.
  2. Be accepting: Welcome people despite the differences you may have with them.
  3. Be respectful: Even in disagreement, be dignified. Remember: The only way up isn’t by putting others down.
  4. Be connected: Value people and their emotions. Love conquers all.
  5. Be united: Before anything, remind yourself that we all are human beings and humanity is our primary religion and duty.

These might sound super idealistic but these are things we have been taught since we were in kindergarten and it is time that we follow through our basic virtues to not just ensure peace but also a more loving, tolerant and hopeful tomorrow. Because at the end of the day, all we want is a peaceful sleep with nothing to worry about!


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