Can every day be a Celebration?

Don’t we love the season of festivals? The parties, the delicious food, the sparkly sky and endless laughter fill the air. Festivals allow us to celebrate life and the people we love. But here’s a question – Why do we need a certain time of the year to celebrate these things?

Wondering where we are going with this? Well… not to sound too preachy but here’s an insight that we can use to celebrate life and ourselves every single day, festival or not. Now we know, there are bad days and nobody can be happy all the time but this is about experiencing life for what it is – the good, bad and the ugly. So, here’s how we start –

First, dance a little: Yes, you read that right! You don’t need a reason to dance it out. Groove to your favourite song every single day and shake off your inhibitions.

P.S. Even if you have 2 left feet – Go for it! This isn’t about being the best dancer.

Second, Cry out loud: We know crying doesn’t sound like a celebration but trust us when we say this – A good cry can fix anything. Happy or sad – never hold back those tears.

Remember: If you can’t cry out loud when you need to, you can’t laugh out loud when you want to!

Third, Cheat on your diet sometimes: No celebration is complete without having a little fun and that includes eating things that aren’t so healthy. So, stop worrying about those calories and eat that extra ladoo.

Lastly, don’t wait for festivals to miss the people you love: Reach out to your loved ones whenever you like. Trust us, it will make their day and yours too!

Life is always going to be unpredictable and imperfect. We can’t wait for festivals to make it better. So, find our joy and celebrate it whenever we like and not when the calendar tells us to.

Cheers and a very happy life to everyone!


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