Every Act Counts!

Human beings are interesting species with respect to their understanding and interpretation of the world. We have an incredibly unique ability to construct and create intricately woven stories. This ability to form schemas, patterns, links and ideas, differentiates us from all other living beings. The most intriguing story is the one that holds the plot together. Would it be a great movie if everything was independent of each other? Definitely not! Likewise, it is with life – It must be intelligible. How do we establish that with absolute certainty?

The answer is quite plain, if we accept one simple truth: ‘Everything is connected.’ Not only does every action have an equal and opposite reaction; every act counts. No act, as simple as breathing goes unnoticed by the universe and its sense of maintaining balance. More often than not, we have a tendency to take things for granted; this arises from a deep rooted integration of ignorance. For instance, we all know discarding waste anywhere else other than a dustbin is not right, yet many of us do engage in convenience over the right act. We think how does one wrapper matter? Imagine if all of us thought the same way, can you fathom the debris all around us? This ignorant callous behaviour not only hinders our personal growth but also obstructs the progress of other people who are trying to achieve their goals. This leads to the formation of a rather vicious cycle, that we do not have the faintest idea how to put an end to.

On the other hand, people conscious of this fact understand their ability to change old patterns and create new ones. For instance, hundreds of people gather on the beaches to clean them up and save the ecosystem, one clean up at a time. An act does not refer to an only a verb, but in fact even our thought process. Thinking however internal is an act. Humans are thinkers, inventors, and creators. We all are great stories and therefore, we must remember, we are significant; no matter how trivial we think our act might be, affects someone or something. This does not mean we redefine our expectations from life but they must be endorsed by a firm and worthy motive.

Be it an act of kindness, strength, courage or fear, if it does not translate into a positive outcome, drop it. If we assume that our actions have no impact, aren’t we questioning the very foundation of our existence? We aren’t responsible for other people but we do owe ourselves the dignity to be thoughtful, centred and mostly, an impactful human being. We must always remember it is not the size of the act that counts, but the sheer thought and intention. We often burden ourselves to change lives but in reality our primary purpose is to value ourselves and our surroundings to the best possible echelon. It is human to make mistakes and be ignorant but so is, to think, learn, grow and change constantly, for the greater good. Remember –
“The theatre of life has no retakes, make every act count. Small acts, when multiplied by millions, change the world.”


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