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  • Virtue of The Wise

    Out of all the subjects that we have studied in school, each one of us surely has a personal favourite. What was yours? If at all the answer to this question is History, then you must be proud of the rich heritage of our country and how we have battled against all odds to reach […]

  • Fatherhood

    A good father is one of the most unsung, unappreciated, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.                                                                                                         – Billy Graham As human beings, we are habitual to defining things by certain criteria. For instance, fatherhood is always associated with certain duties or moments such as – teaching a child to […]

  • Every Act Counts!

    Human beings are interesting species with respect to their understanding and interpretation of the world. We have an incredibly unique ability to construct and create intricately woven stories. This ability to form schemas, patterns, links and ideas, differentiates us from all other living beings. The most intriguing story is the one that holds the plot […]


    We all have aspirations, dreams and goals from the time we start comprehending life. The way to achieve these goals or dreams is to go through several tests, obstacles and hurdles that make us stronger and sharper. More than anything, these shape us into who we become. Of course, these things make a lot more […]

  • Let’s learn about OURSELVES?

    You are NOT Hyper! Well, here’s the great thing about the brain, it functions differently for different people. Unlike our other body parts that are effectively instructed by our brain to do a certain activity a certain way, our brain enjoys autonomy. Often we might wonder that why do we learn or unlearn things differently […]


    Dear… World, We spent a lot of time trying to figure whom we’re really addressing this to, but since it really is not a SINGLE entity or person, we decided to address this love letter, to everyone. Yup – that definitely includes… YOU. You see, at the beginning of this month, we started out with […]

  • Five minutes…. for me!

    2020 has been…. unusual, if nothing else, for most of us. With a horde of disasters that have plagued the planet in different aspects of our lives, most of us have been in either recovery mode or discovery mode of the many surprises that have come our way. And yet, while nature seems to be […]


    Aaahhh – 2020! If anyone had told us before this year that we would be spending all our time at home, it would have seemed like a dream to most of us… but while this year has been quite the adventure so far, one major shift we’ve seen, especially in the space of education: has […]

  • Hacking Our Memory: Remembering A LOT, with little effort!

    As you’re reading this piece, allow us to take you back to a time not too long ago (though it just seems like yesterday): You’re walking up and down your usual stretch, or worse, sitting where you always are, around this time of the year. The exam is in less than a day and all […]

  • Once a Classic, here is why it’s Always a Classic!

    If you are someone who says you weren’t too fond of stories growing up, you are either lying or you simply didn’t get a chance to live these out in your imagination! With the pandemic around us leaving all of us with plenty of time on our hands to start (or re-start) our old favourites, […]