Hello and a big shout out to all the survivors. We all are blessed with one life, so why do we keep grudges against people. Why not PAUSE, REWIND, THINK. We all have only one golden opportunity, to take the best glance. I want to address one thing, in my early childhood, I used to find this world the best place. A place full of love, kindness, and gratitude, but wait…my perspective began to change as I grew up. I could see vast changes in my thoughts, in society, and people’s behaviour, which made me question myself that why am I seeing this change? I used to have a different perspective when I was a child and now it has changed. How can I find this world good and bad at the same time, and this made me feel perturbed. I had this fixed question in my mind… WILL I BE ABLE TO SURVIVE? Will I survive or sink? But as I told, we have a golden chance and we should use it to take the best glance. Yes, it did take me a lot of time to adjust with the changes and to always look forward. I learnt one thing that life can be good or bad but it does give opportunities to all. Yes, I agree that not everyone in this world is rich and privileged to enjoy the renowned luxury, but we are also not to so poor to enjoy the best luxury of life that is by living and enjoying every moment. Nothing should hold us back, remember that sky is the limit. Even now as we all can see that covid-19 has taken the lives of many. Here, I would want to mention a theory by Darwin which is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. We all must stay fit physically and mentally and adapt to the changes in Nature. I used to feel so unlucky that I don’t have all the luxury that other kids have, but then I looked at those kids who are deprived of basic education right, I saw an old man begging, people who have lost their hands and legs yet they still ain’t giving up, they all became my inspiration. If they can, we all can!! No matter how tough the situation gets, we all must survive and become the best warriors.

– Kulsum Shaikh, Student at Clay


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