My favourite dessert and what it means to me!

I have a very long list of my favourite desserts. But talking about the most favourite, it is CHOCOLATES. It is something that makes me a very happy person. I always wait for relatives to come home so that I can get some chocolates, as gifts. For me eating chocolates doesn’t have a fixed time, I can eat them at any time of the day. If someone wants to make me happy they don’t need to buy expensive gifts for me, just a box full of chocolates is enough to make me feel delighted.

I love all kinds of chocolates, be it white, brown or black. Chocolates and I have different relation since childhood to now. Till date, I wait for festivals as you get tons of them during celebrations. They are my absolute favourite, I always wait around for them. 

I have to make so many excuses to eat chocolates. I have to always lie to the world that, ‘it’s the last one’ or that ‘I will eat it only once in a while’ and many more as I love them so much.  The high sugar content does not deter me from consuming them, we all must have a little sugar once in a while; if not, there are so many sugar free chocolates too! They have infinite varieties to eat and I want to try them all.

Chocolate is used by people across the globe and is the one of most important ingredients in numerous desserts. If you love cake and you want to make it more delicious just add a bar of melted chocolate. Not only in cakes, but in all sorts of desserts you may like, just try adding a bar of chocolate, it is heavenly! Oh, and the best part about chocolates is they can be eaten by everyone and yet, there’s still so many left to try! 

But if I have to explain, the need for chocolates in short and why it is so important to me, here are just a few reasons for the same:

  • Makes people the happiest.
  • The sweetest gift.
  • Signifies love.
  • Important factor in festivals.
  • The cheapest thing to get your work done.
  • The handiest thing to carry on birthdays.
  • Combine it with any dessert the result will always be more delicious.

– Masuma Shaikh, Student at Claylab


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