We all have aspirations, dreams and goals from the time we start comprehending life. The way to achieve these goals or dreams is to go through several tests, obstacles and hurdles that make us stronger and sharper. More than anything, these shape us into who we become.

Of course, these things make a lot more sense when one is an adult and navigating through life becomes a habit. But for those in school, dealing with the pressure of a pandemic that has completely changed lives, the story is a little different.

While we try to accustom ourselves to the unpredictability of the current situation, a few old things continue to be with us, like, examinations. Originally, examinations were meant to test personal growth; but eventually they grew to be tiring and competitive process. The inapt understanding of something so fundamental to this concept, has led to stress and anxiety amongst students across the globe and yet, discarding the idea of examinations seems rather extreme and not healthy for the growth of an individual’s ability and potential. So where does that leave us? How do we deal with the pressure, stress and anxiety before, during and after exams?

While we are no mental health experts, there are ways in which the above questions can be tackled healthily: especially for those who might have an exam or two looming in the foreseeable horizon.

Therefore, here are a few tips to help you kick that stress away and live a little more freely, like one always should:

REWARD YOURSELF: Scientifically, as important as the preparation is, so is the rest you need and deserve. So, treat yourself to breaks after the completion of the portion that was to be studied: do a fun activity or simply sit!

DON’T (ALWAYS) LISTEN TO THE NOISE: While it is great to discuss things with peers it is not necessarily healthy when one is experiencing stress. We all process and study differently. So never compare with your peers.

SPEAK TO SOMEONE: If it becomes overwhelming discuss it – with an adult, a friend, an elder sibling, or just about anyone you think will understand and empathise with what you’re going through. Talking always helps. Get it out of your system.

GET SOME SLEEP OR DO WHAT YOU LOVE: Indulge yourself with some rest and entertainment that your mind requires, without feeling guilty. Don’t forget – all work and no play makes you dull!

EAT AND EXERCISE: Engage in a physical activity (sports, athletics) to sweat the stress out. Mostly, eat well and on time because while studying can be mentally taxing, your body needs its bits too.

AVOID POSTMORTEM: As tempting as it may be, avoid indulging in the need to know how other people have fared. One can only do his/her best and that is all that matters. Remember, comparison kills.

BREATHE: Take a deep breath in and release all the stress whenever overwhelmed. Things are going to be okay.

Lastly, as important as exams may seem, we are more than that. One examination does not determine the course of life. An examination cannot define or redefine who we are. Focus, be sincere and give the best but above all that, remember to breathe. We are meant for bigger and brighter things!


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