Ray of positivity

       Life = a recipe! Just like a recipe, life is made up of different components which make it tasty and jovial to live! The taste consistency would disbalance if we miss out a component! Interaction is a component that we miss in our recipe of life these days. People started doubting how long they would survive!  And we all found our lives to be so derailed! Social distancing made us so possessive about ourselves that we wanted to be together but the pandemic came into the way. 

       Here social media makes its entry like a hero of an action film! Social media filled up that gap which was getting our life to an extent where it was seeming to be challenging to live! It was a form of pipe that connects places on a wide range and water like communication and virtual interaction could flow freely through it! Teenagers and adolescents being so eager to spend quality time with their loved ones are now able to do so at least virtually. But the most important thing in this is, IT’S SAFE.

       Ignoring the negative pandemic situations and people being deceased outrageously, now we learn to get in touch emotionally! Emotional touch becomes the source of maintaining relationships. Emotions having no limits is a wide range of connectivity source. We learn to let go of things, ignore negative thoughts and get relationships strong even virtually!   

       Taking ‘Health Ranks Higher than Wealth’ to priority, there were safe interactions which made the taste of life a little different but even better! Same taste all the time could be boring, a change could make life so exciting to live! So, that’s what we actually see happening in the world! Nature is healing itself and the world gave us a change in life!

       Observing all this, not only teenagers but each and every person learned to live with a RAY OF POSITIVITY. And this is the most vital impact that took place over humans! It gave us hopes with which we didn’t let the pandemic take hold of us. Doctors fought, policemen took care of people and learning continued. Today, I just take out a couple of minutes to thank that divine power (God) for blessing me with the power to survive out of the pandemic and also pray for the peaceful afterlife for the souls of deceased people. 

    Now life’s getting back to normal but the impact of living with a ‘Ray of Positivity’, making it a part of life will last forever because nature gave us time to make it a habit.

– Rugved Ande, Garde 11 student at Clay

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