Every step matters

As we all know that the world is going through very difficult times. During these times we can see the hidden inequalities of the society being highlighted. At the same time, we can also see a lot of people extending help towards the needy. 

    We are seeing people volunteering to the government to help, we see people donating heavy amounts, some people distributing food packets in the communities and some spreading awareness. Some of us here might feel little sad about how we are not being able to do anything, but it’s ok to be at home at this time, that itself is a major help to the whole humanity at this time. What i want to highlight here is for making a difference you don’t need to take some very big steps and initiatives, because every small step matters. We need to understand that change is something that is not small or big , it doesn’t need to be compared. So, even is if u are staying at home, it’s a difference you are bringing, since you are ensuring the safety of others. Even if you are teaching a neighbourhood child that is a change, even when you are not forwarding fake news that is also a change.

    We all need to understand that though the society is filled with immense inequalities and our every effort in this process may feel like a drop in an ocean but then still you got to operate as this ocean is going to filled by drops of water only.

By Raghvendra- A student leader


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