How is our current batch doing

We started from 27th April with almost 10 students in Science stream, 20 in commerce and 2 in Arts. In 2nd week, number has increased to 15 in Science stream, 25 in Commerce and 5 in Arts.

The subject wise plan is shown in the table below along with the responsible teachers.

ScienceCommerceArts Stream
Week 1 (27th April)Chemistry- Ch 1
Basic concepts of chemistry
Economics- Ch 1 Money
Sociology- Ch 1
Introduction to sociology
Week 2 (4th May)Physics- Ch 1
Units and measurements
Book keeping and accountancy- Ch 1
Psychology- Ch 1
Introduction to psychology
Week 3 (11th May)Chemistry- Ch 2
Introduction to analytical chemistry
Economics- Ch 1 Basic concepts in EconomicsSociology- Ch 2
Contribution of sociologists
Week 3 (11th May)Maths I- Ch 2
Sequences and series

Week 1 has been successfully completed with a student’s average mastery level of 60% in Science and 80% in Economics. Almost 90% of the students are satisfied with the classes and enjoy attending them.

Now from 2nd week, we have started morning and evening dedicated doubt sessions and Saturday Learning circles to increase the engagement of students.

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