Things no one talks about: Teachers’ Edition

Ah.. the beautiful, incredible feeling of being a teacher… What most of us thought to be just another 8 – 4 job before we got going, today is an irreplaceable part of our lives. Questions, queries, preparation, delivery, lesson plans.. these are all some of the more known sides of what we do – but here is a quick, fun read for all the things we often never talk about.

1. We call them (YOU!) our kids, because that’s exactly what we think of them (You!).

No… we’re not joking when we say that we say you’re our kids. To most of us teachers, every class we take and every batch we interact with regularly, holds a special place in our hearts. This is often why when there is a serious discussion or even when we’re not paying too much heed to the things we are saying, we use “kids” as if they (You!) are our own. 

2. There are TONS of things we learn in class!

From gaining different perspectives on what we’re teaching, aspects & questions we have never thought of ourselves, to the unbreakable bonds shared between some of our kids (see? We told you!), there is so much we take back from every class! Of course, sometimes we’re met more groans than we anticipate for some activities and suggestions, but even those help us get insights into what really works and how what doesn’t, can be made better!

3. …. In the same way, there are also TONS of things we don’t know!

While we are usually well prepped before every class, there are more times than we can count, when questions catch us off guard. And yes… most of us tell our kids (Clicker Count: 3!) that we’ll get back to them about it, it also gives us a lot of joy to go back and find out more before we solve another doubt. Who said being a teacher is actually very different from being a student, huh? 

4. One of our greatest skills lies in making this happen on the go

Now, not to give you the wrong impression but as a teacher, you’d expect that things go according to our lesson plans and time tables more often than not…. But the truth is FAR from it! Whether it’s as simple as going over a past lesson again before proceeding on a day when we’d hoped to get a good deal done, to accommodating for the many many activities life usually loves to surprise us with – being well versed and mentally prepared to find a work around that allows for our kids (Count: 4!) to learn despite everything, is usually a good….. 40% of our days. 

5. And despite everything….

All said and done, there is nothing else we’d rather do. Sure… a lot of us didn’t expect our journeys to look like this, some of us stumbled into the profession and others have had their lifelong dreams of making a difference come true – but no matter how we landed up here, as teachers, the only thing we can all say for sure and for each other, is that there is nowhere else any of us would rather be!


So… now you know a little more about your teachers and what it’s like to be on that side of the table. Is there a teacher you understand better now? Someone you appreciate a little more? If there is, be sure to let them know because you could put a lasting smile on their faces by just telling them what you feel. What’s more, we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below!


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  1. Ashraf Pathan Avatar
    Ashraf Pathan

    My fav TFI teacher is divya didi… She was there when I was in 3rd standard…. And now I M in 12th but still she cares for me alot… Blessed to have a teacher like her….. Thanks TFI❤❤

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