A student’s letter to online class

Dear Online class,
You came in the life of students at a critical point. We were under a lockdown but you were traveling the entire world helping people do what they do in the middle of a pandemic. One of the people who you were very kind to was – Me. When I met you, you were the one-stop solution for all my problems.

I remember the day when I saw Zoom. He has helped me alot with my Online classes though sometimes it did hurt as a I would struggle to ask my doubts in class, thanks to our common enemy – POOR NETWORK! Sometimes I wonder if the network was jealous of our bond and growing friendship.

Dear, you have so many qualities like – a camera, microphone and the my favourite: CHATTING. I can easily talk to my friends and get all the information from them. Your emojis help me to express my feelings and emotions without using any words or sentences in my message.

One day I met my school teacher and she was talking about you. She was telling me that with the help of your support she was able to stay connected with her new students of 10th grade. Because of your family member – Google classroom, she was able to collect all the homework from her students and easily review it.
But just like me, she too suffers a lot to due to the network.

All things aside, we are all so grateful to you that you came into our selfish world and helped us without asking for anything in return.

For everyone who is reading this, jus think: What would happen if my friend didn’t exist in this world? How would we have managed our work, school and most importantly, check- up on our loved ones during the covid situation?

See you soon!

~ by Aayush Sharma, G12 student at Claylab

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