Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat!

Contrary to popular belief, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat but a lack of it might kill us someday. Wondering what that means? Well… that is a great place to begin because this wonder is exactly what we call curiosity.

Have you ever observed a child and how they question the simplest of things? Characterised by their innate inquisitiveness, kids between the age of 1 to 5 are bound to throw a stream of countless questions at adults. Questions such as:

‘Why is the Earth round?’

‘What is a leap year?’

‘When exactly did Dinosaurs go extinct?’

‘Why do we have to go to school?’

‘Who is God?’

The list goes on. The non-stop questioning is often brushed off as innocent enthusiasm. Even though the queries are often random, some of them can even get adults to scratch their heads. While most of us let these questions slide past us, some people go the extra mile and decode them. This itch to know more about things, even in a world that is overwhelmed with information, is known as curiosity. As children we too were unafraid to repeatedly question what we couldn’t comprehend – a quality that seems to fade away as we grow up. We start accepting facts at face value without making an effort to know the story behind it.

However, many life changing inventions and discoveries such as electricity, internet, air travel, etc. are the products of a curious mind. Had timeless inventors and great scholars let their curiosity sink, we would be deprived of what we consider as some of the most basic necessities today. It is paramount to acknowledge the power of curiosity. Curiosity must be harnessed daily to reap the benefits in the quest to excel.

While curiosity comes naturally to some, it can also be developed. Curious to know how? Read on and try some of the many ways by which we can heighten our curiosity:

Ask Why, How, When : Make it a habit to ask questions. If a thought crosses your mind, investigate it.

Engage in curiosity imbibing games : Occupy any spare time by playing games that spike your curiosity such as guessing games, imaginative games, puzzles, etc.

Connect with new people : Always be welcoming towards interactions that lay out an opportunity to learn something new.

Unleash the reader in you : Books, articles or a simple google search is enough to transport you to a new world of possibilities.

Embrace new experiences : Go on that trek you’ve been cancelling on forever. Seek experiences and opportunities that you’ve been longing for and go for it! Not only will it give exposure and answers but will reignite your curiosity.

Employ any of the above tips or explore more and find your own way to rekindle your curiosity. You never know what you might discover in the process and don’t forget to share with us what you discover. Start your journey on this curve of curiosity and create a story that will be quoted in the years to come.


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