Our work

Why Mentorship?

In a classroom or a session, generally, it becomes difficult for a teacher or a facilitator to focus on each and every child. In the form of a Mentor, we want to create a support system for each and every child.

In today’s competitive world, awareness and exposure matter a lot. Unfortunately, in a developing country like ours and with a majority of the population falling in the low-income category, it becomes challenging for kids to get the required awareness and information either from school or from home. We felt that a 1-1 Mentorship structure can solve this problem.

Selection of Mentors

All the interested volunteers are supposed to go through a screening process before they can become a Mentor. During their journey, they are supported and guided by Super Mentors (previous Mentors). They also receive weekly lesson plans from the Claylab team to effectively mentor their Mentees.

We are striving towards making Claylab a volunteer-led organization. So, with time, our Mentors (volunteers) can become Super Mentors or City Leads also with us to impact a larger number of students.

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