First Time in History..

First time in history,

We the people of 2020,

Suffered a lot with due to less money,

ran here and there for food, clothes and shelter,

But everything happened for the better.

We struggled,cried,fell apart

But took some steps with a hope in our hearts.

People were helped by well-wishers and strangers,

In monsoon, summer, spring and all turbulent weathers.

Teachers taught online

While doctors were our front line.

In this war against misery

The only way out was to pray in a hurry.

Life seemed like a movie,

What was lost, is the popcorn,Ice-cream and cookie.

Just the way humans didn’t step out,

There was absolute silence, without any scream or shout.

Students tried learning,

Thriving while starving.

And a lot of sacrifice,

Lives were lost, in the game of life.

Life is short,

So let’s jump and hop

Do not knock just be welcomed by life,

Enjoy lifes’s moments as they are as flavourful as sweet and spice.

Because life begins with you,

Hold on to it tightly because it’s yours,

We are the lucky few,

Who are to rejoice and grow…

At the end of the day, live a good life because it is show that should be a worthy watch from the front row.

— Aliza Sheikh, Claylab Student Alumni


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