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  • Audacity of Hope!

    I still remember the 15 year old me opening my textbook and uttering the words, ”The principles of justice and equality aim at ending discrimination in social status such as superior or inferior on the basis of caste, religion, language and gender, place of birth, race, property and giving equality of opportunity for development to […]

  • First Time in History..

    First time in history, We the people of 2020, Suffered a lot with due to less money, ran here and there for food, clothes and shelter, But everything happened for the better. We struggled,cried,fell apart But took some steps with a hope in our hearts. People were helped by well-wishers and strangers, In monsoon, summer, […]

  • Get, Set, Go!

    Being a student of Teach for India is delighting when I reflect back on it, as a student. It reminds me of writing my first essay about “Myself”. I can see all the achievements I have made since then. I have gained academic excellence but more than that, I have observed my way of assimilating […]

  • Survivors

    Hello and a big shout out to all the survivors. We all are blessed with one life, so why do we keep grudges against people. Why not PAUSE, REWIND, THINK. We all have only one golden opportunity, to take the best glance. I want to address one thing, in my early childhood, I used to […]

  • Ray of positivity

           Life = a recipe! Just like a recipe, life is made up of different components which make it tasty and jovial to live! The taste consistency would disbalance if we miss out a component! Interaction is a component that we miss in our recipe of life these days. People started doubting how long they would […]

  • An Autobiography Of A Car…

    Tharrr….thar…ttthaatrrr…tttt…. “Throw it away in the junkyard or it will eat up all your income.” The last words, I heard from the mechanic and since months here, among hundreds of jalopies, waiting for someone to recreate me. I remember when those engineers worked so hard day- night and decided a model. It was experimented on […]

  • What Aliza learnt from the Pandemic

    Hey everyone! I’m Aliza Shaikh from Mumbai. As we all know that we are going through this pandemic, and it’s still not over. I remember last year in 2019 when I wrote in my diary, about how wonderful my 2020 would turn out to be. All of a sudden, though, 2020 just proved me to […]

  • What’s in a Sound?

    ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ – The primordial Sanskrit sound (Pranav): the two secret sounds from which all words originate. From childhood, my parents forced me to chant this word at least five times a day. Yes, they forced me because I was never interested in chanting it. I used to think that it […]


    Can We Just Stop Judging People? Can We Normalize Everything A Human Is Or Wants To Be?  We Surely Can.  For that, we need to do just 2 things: first is to try to adapt to / accept current situations or environment and second, is just considering others’ point of view or understand things with […]

  • Should one always say the truth, no matter what?

    If you’d ask Nandeene this question, Her answer would always be YES. One should always and always say the truth, No matter what! . Nandeene strongly agrees here. “Don’t say anything if it is not more beautiful than silence. If you can’t be honest; be silent.” . The more honest we will be, The easier […]