What Aliza learnt from the Pandemic

Hey everyone! I’m Aliza Shaikh from Mumbai. As we all know that we are going through this pandemic, and it’s still not over. I remember last year in 2019 when I wrote in my diary, about how wonderful my 2020 would turn out to be. All of a sudden, though, 2020 just proved me toContinue reading “What Aliza learnt from the Pandemic”

What’s in a Sound?

‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ – The primordial Sanskrit sound (Pranav): the two secret sounds from which all words originate. From childhood, my parents forced me to chant this word at least five times a day. Yes, they forced me because I was never interested in chanting it. I used to think that itContinue reading “What’s in a Sound?”


Can We Just Stop Judging People? Can We Normalize Everything A Human Is Or Wants To Be?  We Surely Can.  For that, we need to do just 2 things: first is to try to adapt to / accept current situations or environment and second, is just considering others’ point of view or understand things withContinue reading “IT’S YOU WHO DEFINES YOURSELF, EVEN IF YOU ARE JUDGED BY OTHERS”

Should one always say the truth, no matter what?

If you’d ask Nandeene this question, Her answer would always be YES. One should always and always say the truth, No matter what! . Nandeene strongly agrees here. “Don’t say anything if it is not more beautiful than silence. If you can’t be honest; be silent.” . The more honest we will be, The easierContinue reading “Should one always say the truth, no matter what?”

A Race, A Dart, A Journey

In the hush, race and dart of life we all ignore the significant beauty that passes by through ever dreaming eyes! Thoughts about the so required selfishness, keep pondering and pinching you like a thorn, to a slow little crawling ant trying to hurry! In the quest of growing for oneself we forget to keepContinue reading “A Race, A Dart, A Journey”