The Aeroplane

The fastest mode of transport in today’s time is an Aeroplane. It is a modern means of transport.
It was a remarkable invention by the Wright brothers. This invention was a defining moment for the travel industry across the globe. Today, there is barely any place where there is no airport.

They are also multi-purpose. They aren’t just useful to transport passengers but also trade i.e. import and export of goods.
The best part about aeroplanes is that they are super modern and provide numerous facilities to their guests. Imagine being served some tasty snacks and a refreshing drink in the clouds! Doesn’t that sound exciting?

But above all, they are known to save time and cover large distances over a short period of time. One can travel from Mumbai to Seoul within a day. It is a time saving mode of transport.
Aeroplanes have created many opportunities for travellers and tourists in terms of exploring or reaching a destination. Unlike before travellers do not have to travel by roadways or waterways to visit foreign lands as they take several months to do so; flights save time and allow people to visit their dreamland in just a few hours.

Apart from its advantages for travellers, aeroplanes have created opportunities for businesses to flourish and broaden their horizons. This monumental invention has changed our life and made it so much easier.
Aeroplanes truly have brought the world closer!

– Masuma Shaikh, Student at Clay


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