Masuma’s learnings from 2020

The year, 2020, has taught us something new which we weren’t familiar with. 2020 has been filled with joy ,happiness and excitedment for some people. Whereas, it has been the worst time for some people.

This pandemic made us experience alot more than usual.

Almost everyone wasn’t prepare for it. But now we are so comfortable that we find hard to go outside of our house. Because LIFE GOES ON.

For me, year 2020 made me learn many things.

When I heard on 22nd march that a curfew is gonna held I was just dissapointed because I had to give exam on the next day but unfortunately the exam got cancelled. I spend my 1 whole month sitting idly, doing random things, slept for 12-14 hours and binge watching.

But then little by little I asked myself that “am I right” “should I keep going on like this” and alot of thoughts came in my mind. I started to increase my GK level by watching videos and reading them.

But not much time later *CLAYLAB* started and I joined it and become a student of it. I learn my academic studies and use my opportunities to the fullest.

I joined many clubs and participated.
I also started changing myself,my personality, develop skills. I had try to learn skills like writing, thinking, sketching, dancing and learn a new language korean.

So in conclusion I changed myself and made my self feel that No matter in which situation we were, we can make it effective and productive as much we want.

6months aren’t still enough for me and won’t be. Because we all want to learn more and more
I also made reading a habit, not reading books but reading random,daily anaylsis, articles, poems, quotes and thoughts.

For me 6 months wasn’t too productive but also not vainful.

And I hope we all had learn some or other thing that is new to us.Learning from home is what we all wanted to experience and now we got to.
We are now so comfortable with this crisis that it encourages to our goals.
We are using technologies and trying out new things like home routine,makeup tutorials,vlog making and so much.

Hope to have something more amusing things ahead!!

– Masuma Shaikh (FYJC student at Clay & a member of the Student Advisory Council)


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