Dear… World,

We spent a lot of time trying to figure whom we’re really addressing this to, but since it really is not a SINGLE entity or person, we decided to address this love letter, to everyone. Yup – that definitely includes… YOU.

You see, at the beginning of this month, we started out with an idea to help our kids by finding them a few sponsors who could potentially help them get the education they deserve, regardless of where they come from: literally and metaphorically. We wanted to overcome geographical and socio-economic barriers that stand in the way of quality education for all kids. Yes – it’s just about that simple.

If you’re here, you obviously know the role of technology in what we do, because after all, it is by using technology that we’ve been able to provide quality education to all our kids (over 300 of them now), even during this pandemic. But – now, we’d like to go one step further and we’d like for you to take that step with us. Here’s how:

According to reports, the average Indian spends anything between Rs 4,500 – Rs 6,500 each month, just… dining out casually (of course this was before the pandemic hit us but have we REALLY changed all that much?). Even if we take the median here as Rs 5,000 per month… we’d like for you to take a guess as to what else you could do with that same amount.

Take a moment…

Have an answer? Great. Please keep reading:

We assure you this; With the aforementioned median amount of Rs 5,000, you can enable 5 children to have access to quality education a month.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Rs 1,000 – which is an amount most of us would spend on casual dining without much of a second thought, could potentially be the difference between the future or the lack thereof, of a single child!

Hang on, hang on.. don’t get us wrong when we’re telling you all this: we just want to help put things in perspective for you. And it is because we’d like to put things in perspective for our kids too, that we’ve opened up:


What does that mean?

It simply means that we are looking for 100 Donors each month – who can sponsor one (or more!) child(ren) for just Rs 1,000 each to help them, support them and ensure that they get the education they deserve, with Claylab.

Not just that, as donors, you also get to keep real-time track of the monthly progress of your kid/s (yup – your kid/s) and make sure what you’re aiming for is happening! Pretty cool right?

So, dear World – we’d love for you to be a part of this because we can’t think of anyone more loving, more supportive or more cheerful than you, to help us help the leaders of our tomorrow: our kids.

You can always use this link: and / or reach out to us to know more.

But until then,
Always hopeful,



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