What’s in a Sound?

‘Aum’ or ‘Om’

‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ – The primordial Sanskrit sound (Pranav): the two secret sounds from which all words originate.

From childhood, my parents forced me to chant this word at least five times a day. Yes, they forced me because I was never interested in chanting it. I used to think that it is a superstition that a word of two or three letters can change my mind. But after some time I started believing in the thing that the word ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ gives us mental peace and strength. Now, I strongly believe in the sentence that “Everything changes when you start to emit your frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

This word “Om” has changed my life. Changes were gradual but its impacts were powerful.


The sound ‘Aachhii…’ and its impact has changed a lot from the last few months. Earlier, while someone sneezed people used to say “God bless you!” to that person because when someone sneezes the heartbeat may get delayed for a second or two, before resuming its regular rhythm.

But now, the sound ‘Aachhii’ has become a harmful alarm! Sneezing has become no less than a crime. In some places, people got beaten when they sneezed in public places. The sound ‘Aachhii…’ has taught me that “Everything changes with time.”

Earlier people used to bless you and now they scold you for the same sound!


Mumbai is known as the ‘City of Dreams’ but it is also the city of too many vehicles and roads filled with traffic! Too many vehicles means too many horns and when they get stuck in a place which is (known as traffic) it leads to noise pollution. When I was in my 10th-grade, on Saturday we used to have two free lectures for self-study; but I never got the peace or silence to concentrate on my studies for that one hour in the whole year because of the noise of these horns.

It’s not just me but there are so many students struggling with noise pollution across the world! Someday, I want to find out a solution for the students of the future generations because I believe that even one hour of Saturday can make a huge difference!

– Shrutika Jankar (FYJC Science student at CLAY)


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