Aaahhh – 2020! If anyone had told us before this year that we would be spending all our time at home, it would have seemed like a dream to most of us… but while this year has been quite the adventure so far, one major shift we’ve seen, especially in the space of education: has been the almost overnight move of all forms of education, into a digital space. While e-learning in and of itself is not a new concept at all, the drastic increase in the usage of digital forms of learning in the past few months, has not only been unprecedented, but also unlike anything we’ve ever seen, thanks to platforms like… you guessed it, Google Classroom.

And, we’ll be honest, we’ve made the shift ourselves too! Which is why this week, we thought it imperative to bring you a few tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your online learning experience with the most popular server-based educational tool from Google. Thus, without further ado, here we go:

  1. Get Everything You Need, In One Go

Using Google Classroom using your Google Email Address, opens up a range of opportunities and applications that are at your disposal, to do your best in every class! From using Google Docs to create online documents to Google Slides to make a presentation, you can use all the tools available to you to make the most out of what you are learning, without the menace of hard-copies of your work.

  1. View All Your Work In One Place!

With as many classes as there are and assignments in each of them, it can get really hard for you to trace what is due and especially when for every class you take. Well, don’t worry – there’s a way for you to know exactly what is due and when for each of your classes, by following these steps:

  1. Open a class 
  2. Go to Classwork tab  
  3. Click on View Your Work 

Here, you can view all the assigned work with title, due date, attached file and you can also use the side filter menu (the 3 lines) to streamline the list! Pretty cool right? 

  1. You Can Un-Submit Your Work

Yes – we said it and you absolutely read that right! While this feature can come in handy when you make a mistake, be careful of using it too much or too often! Sometimes, we might accidentally land up attaching the wrong file or making a submission by accident – and for times like that, this feature is a life saver!

You can do this by simply clicking on a submitted assignment and with it, you will find a button that says “Un-submit” from where you can choose to remove the existing file / submission and upload the correct one!

With most of our lives changing practically overnight thanks to the pandemic, it comes as no surprise that Google Classrooms and similar online learning platforms have become the most important online tools for most of us when it comes to learning and education. If you’ve liked these quick tips and tricks for Google Classrooms or if you know of any more tips or tricks that the world needs to know about, feel free to let us know!

Oh… and happy online learning, from all of us at CLAY 🙂


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