CLAYLAB Mentorship

Majority of our students are first generation graduates and therefore, they don’t know much about the professional world. They can have questions as simple as- ‘What do engineers do?’ in mind.

We, therefore, need your help to provide regular support to these kids over telephonic conversations. Your support will include guiding them during their higher secondary grades with questions related to subject selection, participation in various opportunities and providing mental support to them whenever required.

Your time and guidance can help them to become the change they want to see in the world.

Be a ‘Bhaiyaa’ or ‘Didi’ for our growing stars.

I never had a friend or relative in my life who was a graduate and can tell me about modern world. My mentor helped me with that.

An 11th grade student

Interested in becoming a mentor with us? The new cycle for recruitment has started from 8th July 2021 and last date to apply for Cycle 1 is 25th July 2021. Please note that in Cycle 1, we are looking for 50 mentors for our Grade 12 students and in Cycle 2 in August, we will be looking for mentors for Grade 11. You can begin your application process by clicking on the link given below.

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