CLAYLAB Fellowship

We believe that we learn the best when we teach someone. Most of us have felt the need to provide application based education to children. Claylab finally gives you the chance to become a teacher from the comfort of your home and at the same time, bring a positive change in the society by helping the less privileged students.

By joining Claylab Fellowship, you will be working with us towards:

1. Ensuring affordable access to quality online education for all students

2. Grooming our teenage students with love and affection, so that they become responsible and empathetic citizens of this world

We will start our new cycle of recruitment for Claylab Fellowship in April, 2021. Feel free to fill the interest form for the upcoming cycle by clicking at the following button.


Q.1 Who all are eligible to join Claylab Fellowship?

Ans: Any graduate or someone who will be able to finish his/her graduation before 30th May, is eligible for Claylab Fellowship.

Q.2 What will be the duration of the Fellowship?

Ans: It is a 10 months commitment from June 1st to 31st March. We want our fellows to support the students for the complete academic year. Any break in between may lead to a poor quality of support for our students. And therefore, we expect all our fellows to be with us for this whole duration of 10 months.

Q.3 Which subject will a Fellow teach?

Ans: Our Fellows teach all the core subjects of Science, Commerce and Arts streams. One Fellow applies for 1 subject only. e.g. You can take responsibility of Physics for 11th grade.

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