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Your Dreams Matter To Us

Our promises

Individual Attention

We believe that every child is special and therefore, learns in her own unique way. Therefore, we establish a strong personal bond with all our students and support them in the way customised for them.

Although we take classes online, still we take great care in ensuring that students get the environment as close to a physical class as possible and as close to meeting a teacher face to face as possible.

Value based education

Our students soon will be adult citizens of our country as well as of the world and therefore, we keep a strong focus on the moral development of our students so that they can make a beautiful tomorrow for all of us.

We always encourage equality, empathy, care and team work in our class so that students imbibe these values deeply.

Holistic Learning

We believe in equipping our students with multiple skills so that they can be ready for all the challenges ahead and can use their skill sets to innovate and design better solutions for any problem.

Therefore, we believe in giving a lot of experiential learning as well as a lot of varied exposure to our students so that they can develop a holistic awareness about the world and its needs.

What our students say

I loved both Science and Commerce classes . I am very glad that I am utilising my quarantine time for learning something new. A special thanks to dear didi and bhaiya. THANK U SO MUCH 😊😊😊

― Mahek Lawande, Grade 11 student

It is an amazing idea of teaching online through zoom app. The way in bhaiya taught was interesting he also show some fun fact which made me attracted towards chemistry

― Janhavi, Grade 11 student

3 pillars of our online classes

Interactive classes

We put a lot of effort in regular engagement of students during the class through regular quizzes, homework, dedicated doubt sessions and fun activities. We provide regular weekly feedback to the students on the basis of their performance in the class. At the same time, we also encourage our students to give feedback to us.

Classroom environment

In a physical class, students interact with their peers as well as teachers during free time, but that is mostly not there in online classes. We believe that classroom environment is very important for the development of students and therefore, we create that time during our online classes so that teachers and students can interact.

Co curricular activities

We believe that for the holistic development of students, co curricular activities play an important role and therefore, we regularly conduct such activities in our classes. While on one hand, it helps the students to bond with each other, on the other hand, it also keeps our students happy and cheerful.

What do we exactly offer?

Currently, we offer classes for

  • 10th grade
  • 11th grade
  • 12th grade

Please go through this information leaflet to know more about the timings of the classes.


Q.1 How can I join the classes?

Answer: You can click on the tab below ‘Register for the class’ and then fill the google form. We will reach out to you with more details on your registered email address or WhatsApp number on coming Sunday. Generally, we take new admissions every Monday.

Q.2 What about the classes which I have missed?

Answer: You can join the regular batch for the ongoing chapter and for the chapters you have missed, we will try to cover with the help of either recorded videos or extra classes.

Q.3 Which subjects are taught in every stream?

Answer: We cover all the subjects for all the streams. Contact us today to know more.

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