CLAY Internship

As an intern, you can help us with both daily operations as well as strategic decisions. We totally understand that although you want to work towards this greater cause of educational equity, you will not be able to make us a long term commitment owing to your other ongoing commitments. All these internship opportunities have been created keeping the same in mind. We don’t expect a commitment of more than 3-5 hours from your side.

Teaching Content developer

As we teach online, we regularly need creative and passionate people who can create interactive and immersive content for students.

We are looking for people who possess the following skills/experience:

  • Good sense of aesthetics
  • Experience of designing and editing contents (written and visual)
  • Good knowledge about different online editing tools
  • Good with written communication
Social media and PR

We want to reach out to each and every child possible and therefore, we are always happy to welcome committed people who can help us reach out and increase our overall reach into the world.

We are looking for following skills/experience:

  • Good sense of aesthetics
  • Experience of managing social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogs)
  • Good knowledge of photoshop or other similar tools
  • Good creative writing skills
Research towards holistic education

If designing new structures is your choice of work, we’d love to have you help us improve the quality of our programmes and to make it more holistic and relevant for our students.

Interns will have to research on various educational philosophies, look for educational resources and help our team develop educational courses or program modules.

We are looking for people who are

  • Passionate about different philosophies of education
  • Have good research skills
  • Creative
  • Have planning skills

Ready to join us as an intern?

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