Author: purvaparwani

  • Go Gaga this Holi!

    The festival of colours – Holi, is just around the corner and finally, we will be able to celebrate this festival after 2 years of lockdown – exciting, isn’t it? The celebration, the delicacies and the sound of laughter is something that all of us love and enjoy. But do you know what makes Holi […]

  • The greatest love story

    Here’s a question for y’all: What’s the one thing that all of us need and honestly, it is never enough? Don’t think too hard; it is LOVE. Yes, we know that sounds cheesy but it is what it is. Having said that, here’s the thing about Love – like people, it comes in all shapes […]

  • Why do I need to learn this, if I can just google it ?

      Being a teenage student in this digitalized world, I’m obsessed with the current education system. One of the reasons for that is, the amount of curriculum that has to be memorized thoroughly, just to qualify an exam. Memorizing the information from textbooks and blackboards becomes a problem when we realize that all these can […]

  • Smart Phones and Dumb People

    Food, shelter, clothes, Smart phones, and access to the internet are the necessities of 21st century. Smart phones were invented to upgrade us through its software and access to worldwide courses, information, news, books – all on just one device. But not everyone is used to these smart gadgets and new technology. Talking about dumb […]

  • Jobs & Careers – A choice of passion

    Today I’m here with a topic, which atleast once all of us have thought of in our lifetime. Most of us would also have revieved lots and lots of advice relation to this, atleast i did, quite a large number of them. This blog is about career or job and the importance of following your […]

  • Kya hai Claylab?

    Dur baithe logo ko paas laya,Wo hai CLAYLABNanhe se sapno ko Pankh lagaya,Wo hai CLAYLABKathinaiyo me bhi has kr jeena sikhaya,Wo hai CLAYLABPadhai to bojh hai, us bojh ko Ek naya andaaj banaya wo hai CLAYLABRaste to Bahot the lekin un rasto pr Bina dare bina ruke chalna sikhaya wo hai CLAYLABBerang ki is duniya […]

  • Resolutions 2022

    Guess what? We are finally in 2022 and with that most of us are already on our way to make some resolutions. Right from the kids to the elderly – everyone wants to do something different in the New year and as much as we love the idea of taking up something new, most of […]

  • WHAT IF…

    I remember the 5-year-old me, who once got scolded by her teacher for asking to repeat a topic.That time I might not have had the power to speak up but now when I think of that time, I feel I should have said something about it. Having a creative mind and a talkative nature was […]

  • How do we – as a society contribute in making a Patriarchal Society?

    It is not new for me to say that our houses are male dominated. It has been like this since ages. Men are shown as strong and as breadwinners whereas women are picturesque like statues of love and compassion. Over the years, we’ve been witnessing women who’ve changed the world for the better. Which shouldn’t […]

  • Cheers to us!

    We are in the last month of the year 2021! Yes, yes we agree that this year lasted a second. Having said that, it was a wholesome year. We celebrated festivals after two years (Oh, yeah the virus was kinder by the end of this year) and most of us got vaccinated and resumed our […]