Point to Note, Your Honour!

It’s that time of an already strange couple of years where everyone suddenly, EVERYONE wants to make the most out of 2021 even though between 31.12.2020 and 01.01.2021, the only thing that has really changed… is the date. That said, with a whole lot of academic exercises and new academic adventures coming our way, allContinue reading “Point to Note, Your Honour!”

The recipe for success in 2021!

Our planet is a home for innumerable life forms. They play their part in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Like all other species we are just another kind, trying to sustain ourselves and the planet. Though, do you ever wonder what sets us apart from all other life forms? Well… It is simply ourContinue reading “The recipe for success in 2021!”

My favourite dessert and what it means to me!

I have a very long list of my favourite desserts. But talking about the most favourite, it is CHOCOLATES. It is something that makes me a very happy person. I always wait for relatives to come home so that I can get some chocolates, as gifts. For me eating chocolates doesn’t have a fixed time,Continue reading “My favourite dessert and what it means to me!”

Every Act Counts!

Human beings are interesting species with respect to their understanding and interpretation of the world. We have an incredibly unique ability to construct and create intricately woven stories. This ability to form schemas, patterns, links and ideas, differentiates us from all other living beings. The most intriguing story is the one that holds the plotContinue reading “Every Act Counts!”


We all have aspirations, dreams and goals from the time we start comprehending life. The way to achieve these goals or dreams is to go through several tests, obstacles and hurdles that make us stronger and sharper. More than anything, these shape us into who we become. Of course, these things make a lot moreContinue reading “A FEW BREATHS A DAY, KEEPS THE ANXIETY AWAY!”

Ray of positivity

       Life = a recipe! Just like a recipe, life is made up of different components which make it tasty and jovial to live! The taste consistency would disbalance if we miss out a component! Interaction is a component that we miss in our recipe of life these days. People started doubting how long they wouldContinue reading “Ray of positivity”

Let’s learn about OURSELVES?

You are NOT Hyper! Well, here’s the great thing about the brain, it functions differently for different people. Unlike our other body parts that are effectively instructed by our brain to do a certain activity a certain way, our brain enjoys autonomy. Often we might wonder that why do we learn or unlearn things differentlyContinue reading “Let’s learn about OURSELVES?”

An Autobiography Of A Car…

Tharrr….thar…ttthaatrrr…tttt…. “Throw it away in the junkyard or it will eat up all your income.” The last words, I heard from the mechanic and since months here, among hundreds of jalopies, waiting for someone to recreate me. I remember when those engineers worked so hard day- night and decided a model. It was experimented onContinue reading “An Autobiography Of A Car…”