Go Gaga this Holi!

The festival of colours – Holi, is just around the corner and finally, we will be able to celebrate this festival after 2 years of lockdown – exciting, isn’t it? The celebration, the delicacies and the sound of laughter is something that all of us love and enjoy. But do you know what makes Holi so beautiful? Well… it is the colours and Claylab can’t not talk about them. Why?

For the unacquainted, Claylab’s essence is derived from the colours of the rainbow. Everything that we do at Claylab is about creating an atmosphere of joy, fun, learning and inclusivity. On that note this Holi, we bring to you what the colours of rainbow truly signify:

VIOLET: The first colour of the rainbow denotes power, ambition, creativity, peace and magic; something Claylab tries to incorporate in its curriculum through the teaching methods.

INDIGO: The powerful and dignified colour – Indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity. It also reflects wisdom and justice along with impartiality – the values we strongly uphold at Claylab through our mission to provide quality education to our students.

BLUE: The colour blue represents freedom, inspiration, imagination and sensitivity – values that we try to instil within our students at Claylab.

GREEN: The colour of life, growth, energy and safety is the foundation of all that is Claylab. We believe that growth and safety are primary to learning.

YELLOW: Like in most cultures, yellow at Claylab too resonates warmth, sunshine and happiness.

ORANGE: Orange is associated with meanings of joy, enthusiasm, determination and health – the driving force at Claylab.

RED: The colour of love, passion, vigour and courage is what keeps us going at Claylab.

There are a million colours in the world but these are the ones that we most commonly see and use. Holi or otherwise let’s always remember to celebrate colours for all that they are.

Happy Holi everyone!

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