What colours make me feel

Colours are miserable because they are defined by their shade and how vibrant or hazy they
are. Some call them gloomy, some are their favourite. Some just want to live with only one
colour but ignore the rest. The colours are unlucky and aloof. They make me feel like a
human soul only. When I see navy blue it takes me to my budding past with hostile
memories. However, when I see peach it gives me the essence of my beloved. But white
reminds me that I’m hollow and fragmented. Why do I feel that? I’m not sure about the
reason but maybe this world has individual boxes and labels for every colour. Good colours
and bad.

Why grey and blue are moaning alone, why red is so furious and why black is so

Let me come and bring a palette. I mixed red and white together and found a new one. I will
not let anyone criticise it or throw it in that dusty old box again. I go out and wear my colour and this makes me feel me, not what this world has decided for me.

By Khushi Singh.

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