My worst day can teach me best!

We have always heard people say – live each day of your life to the fullest. There are so many people around us teaching the same skill of living happily like it’s our last day of life.
But in the eye of it, we just forget to live during our worst days.

Why do we often forget to teach our students the importance of learning through their worst days? Isn’t it important to take the most out of your life? Even from the worst side of it.

I remember my worst day or a year you can say. When nothing goes right, every minute feels like an hour, an hour feels like a day, and a day feels like a year.

My day started on a very pleasant note but not always things go well. If your day started well that doesn’t mean it will go well. You have to make it well.

I broke up with my best friend who was with me for more than five years. And everything I was doing was becoming a mess.

Here’s what I learnt:-

● Find why in every situation – In order to pull myself out of some guilt. I found myself being inquisitive about something happening to me. One day I question happiness, someday sadness. One day I questioned my existence. Ask everything from yourself and observe and you will get the answer for every happening.

● Try realizing your reaction towards bad- If things were good situations all the time then, we would not be making our lives perfect. Then you also won’t be here reading this, it’s very important to see how you react to bad moments. I’ve always understood that having the low moments in life is normal. Everyone goes through it. No one’s life is perfect. The key is to recognize it, embrace it, and move on from it.

In the beginning, I used to feel really hurt. I felt really alone at that point of time. But then I realized change is the only constant thing and it will be more fruitful if we perceive it as the beginning of something else. After a few days, I started coming out of my comfort zone and I realized that I’m actually growing into a beautiful individual.

● Always remember bad times test you- the best way I’ve dealt with tough days is by working out intensely on me and remembering that this too shall pass.
It also helped me to understand that it was important to go away from my friend in order to come out of my comfort zone and grow. Thinking this way has always helped me to forget the past and cherish the memories.

We all have bad and may be the worst days. What always matters is how you perceive it. Just like the burnt coal is of no use but someday because of external forces and pressure it turns into diamond. Remember the same for yourself too.


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  1. It’s really amazing and rational if it doesn’t had any flow and sincerity and logic in it then. It would have been senseless but this is really nice and wonderful

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