Smart Phones and Dumb People

Food, shelter, clothes, Smart phones, and access to the internet are the necessities of 21st century. Smart phones were invented to upgrade us through its software and access to worldwide courses, information, news, books – all on just one device.
But not everyone is used to these smart gadgets and new technology. Talking about dumb people and smart phones, dumb people don’t just sit and stare there smart phone or anyone else’s they try to question how to use it? How much does this cost? Is it worth buying? That person will try clicking on different icons in the phone or just try to do something, as it is new to that person. And with sometime that person will get used to using a smart phone and soon with the help of it the person can learn more things and improve skills. They are smart too we don’t see it. I don’t think anyone is dumb a person who does not have knowledge about things or does not know about something you know. We are justifying a person is dumb on the basis of education, way of behavior, profession, dressing sense etc but we don’t know the exact story of a person and we make a judgment that’s where we go wrong as a society. We need to stop making judgments about people. We need to start accepting ourselves and others the way they are.
App developers and companies are trying to create devices, platforms, websites, apps which can be easily used by anyone and everyone so that resources are provided and awareness is spread. When everyone has the accessibility to infinite opportunities and platforms to improve, won’t we too progress as a society?

– Vaishaliba Barach, Grade 11 student at Claylab

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