I remember the 5-year-old me, who once got scolded by her teacher for asking to repeat a topic.
That time I might not have had the power to speak up but now when I think of that time, I feel I should have said something about it.
Having a creative mind and a talkative nature was never my fault. I always had a habit of raising my voice but at that age I wasn’t able to; maybe because of the manner taught by my parents, where I had been told to respect teachers, bow in front of them. But what if children can share their opinions in front of their teachers and what if kids prove teachers as wrong? What if children can raise their voice?
I feel that stopping kids from raising their voice has always limited their capacity to dream. We as humans have always tried to fit in these boxes made by the society, even if we don’t fit. Everyone has a different way of thinking and a different way of adapting to things.
Today when I see myself in front of the mirror, I feel what if I was given an opportunity to do what I want. What if everyone had a safe space to share their feelings?
I believe nobody knows everything, but everyone knows something – if you go to a kid , they might not have as much knowledge as you but there will be at least one thing which we can learn from that kid. It can either be a lesson in how to be happy or how to forget small things So , I would request everyone not to take away their childhood, let them enjoy, let them feel safe to express themselves in front of us

Written by Pooja Mahaldar
Grade 11 Student at Claylab


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