How do we – as a society contribute in making a Patriarchal Society?

It is not new for me to say that our houses are male dominated. It has been like this since ages. Men are shown as strong and as breadwinners whereas women are picturesque like statues of love and compassion.
Over the years, we’ve been witnessing women who’ve changed the world for the better. Which shouldn’t be startling right?
However, we still need to mention this every time we speak about women and their achievements. We all have rights and aspirations yet we live in a patriarchal society, repeating the mistakes that our ancestors made. Do y’all know why?

Well, today I’ve come up with some reasons which are contributing in making our society patriarchal. In addition, e can see these mistakes that we often make could be unintentional but it is time we are more attentive.
So, here are the factors that make our society patriarchal:
Our choice of words: Have you ever paid attention to your class or a casual conversation? While talking, we often misuse words and sentences. Such as ”Policeman, Businessman, Mankind, Man-made” and so on. We all know that these positions can be taken up by anyone but still we tend to use “Man” after that. One of the very general examples that many of you are familiar with is greeting a group by referring to them as “Guys ” when the term “Guys” is for Men. We find it cool and normal. Just imagine calling a group of guys “Girls” weird, right? We need to pay attention to what we say.
Ideal He-Man: If I ask you to imagine a man, what would he look like? Most probably a Masculine Figure, rough and tough, tall and deep voice. It is not wrong but are all men like that? Because ever since we were born this is what we acknowledge what a Man should be or look like.
Illogical Beliefs: There are some societal beliefs that we people agree and follow blindly. For instance, Boys don’t cry. Boys don’t feel pain. A husband is entitled to his wife. Men who are harsh, violent are manly. Women are sacred, baby making machines and they should stay at home working tirelessly.
Gender Roles : We as a society need to know that now women can be independent too and men can stay at home and do babysitting. Gender Roles have always been a resistant to an equal and just society. We should not put Gender and its role in a specific basket.
After understanding the constraint, let us brainstorm and find our way to change our society. This is what I’ve acknowledged too as a student.
Using more Gender Neutral Words. Instead of saying Guys, Police man, Mankind say Folks, People, Police Officer and Humankind. It makes sense. Now as you are using Gender Unbiased words, educate others too. Amplify your learning.

Learn to accept diversity. It is not necessary that every man has to be tall and rough; some can be calm and sensitive. Women can be harsh and enthusiastic too. Understand them and respect them. See them as humans.

In a nutshell, respect everyone and understand everyone’s worth. Don’t deprive others of their rights in order to be powerful.
Let us step ahead and establish a society which is safe and equitable – Neither Patriarchal nor Matriarchal.

Writer: Khushi Singh
Grade 11 CBSE Student at Claylab


2 responses to “How do we – as a society contribute in making a Patriarchal Society?”

  1. I made these mistakes too and thank you for making me, others and the society realise our mistakes. I have corrected myself through your words and wish the society, although slowly but steadily corrects itself too. Well done khushi, you inspired me and I’m sure many other too.

    1. I’m so glad that my words inspired you. I’m so proud of your honesty🦋

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