Cheers to us!

We are in the last month of the year 2021! Yes, yes we agree that this year lasted a second. Having said that, it was a wholesome year. We celebrated festivals after two years (Oh, yeah the virus was kinder by the end of this year) and most of us got vaccinated and resumed our normal lives.

But the fear of the pandemic is still looming over our heads and though we are back living our pre-pandemic lives, we must not forget the lessons this pandemic has taught us. No, we aren’t preaching much here. All we want to do is remind you about a few things we all should take into the coming year. Wondering what those are?

Read on…

Stay connected to the people you love: Let’s not wait for a lockdown or a virus to make us realise the importance of our loved ones.

Exercise, eat well and value your health: If anything, the pandemic has taught us the importance of our health – both mental and physical.
Remember to eat right and listen to what your body needs.

Learn things beyond academics: Develop skills and keep learning new things in life. Pandemic or not, boredom hits when you least expect it. So, keep reinventing and innovating yourself.

Be self-sufficient: Cooking, cleaning and maintaining your own house aren’t skills but necessities and it is time we normalise doing the needful rather than being dependent on someone else. Be responsible for who you are and the rest will follow.

Kindness can never be replaced: Humanity is our ultimate religion and we should remember that irrespective of a calamity looming over our heads.

Lastly, wear your mask. The virus is still here. Protect yourself and others.
Remember: None of us are alone, if we choose not to be. Reach out and give all the love.

Here’s to the last leg of 2021! We got this.

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