Friendship for a Lifetime

Do you remember the first time you met your best friend or how you started talking? On revisiting that memory, some of you will realize that it is was an instant connection while some of you will recollect it to have taken a few days to form the bond. Well, the story is no different when it comes to books and reading. 

Though some find it effortless to drown in a book to escape from reality, others still struggle to stay afloat. But does it mean one should stop swimming? Definitely not! All you’ve to do is find a book that can be your anchor. Then there is no looking back. If you’re wondering ‘How’? Here’s your answer – Like all other friendships, this equation also starts off with taking the first step – getting acquainted and putting in effort to build it. Simply put, you just need to give reading a chance. 

By this point, you might have the thought of giving this a shot, right? But again, don’t know where to start? We have got you covered. If you are a new reader wanting to get blown away by the magic of reading or a seasoned reader wanting another miracle in your life, you’re at the right place.

Even though they might be underrated by many, there’s always a book that can help you deal with every struggle, situation, feeling and mood. Books are works of literary excellence created by revered souls for our consumption and growth. 

However, from a galaxy of stars, we’ve managed to pick some that are sure to make you look at life in a different light: 

  • Find your calling with – ‘The Alchemist’

An inspiring tale of self-discovery that encourages a young boy to listen to his heart and follow his dreams. This gem is sure to inspire you to brave the path of pursuing your dreams. 

  • Believe in the unbelievable with – ‘Life of Pi’

A book that will surely make you realise the importance of believing in something – be it God, Mother Nature, or your own strength.

  • Break the barriers with – ‘I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing’ 

A must read for our generation that is stuck on social media. This autobiography shows how love for literature can help you overcome just about anything. 

  • Embrace your teenage with – ‘The Catcher in the Rye’

Learning to cope with his teenage angst, a young boy finds himself trying to deal with his transition from teenage to adulthood  and the difficulties that come with it. A book that each one of us will surely resonate with. 

  • Indulge in Nostalgia with – ‘Malgudi Days’

A compilation of short stories that will melt your heart with its relevance in the life of an Indian household and the problems that come with it. 

While the number of great books at our disposal are insurmountable, these picks are a great start to build a lifetime of association with reading! Irrespective of the timeline, books have rightfully managed to secure the title of being called one’s best friend. Even if you find yourself lost in a book, remember that it’s probably where you’ll find yourself too. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick one or all of tye above books and let us know which one you loved the most or introduce us to your best friend that did not make this list! 


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