A better country will look like this..

One fact about India as a country is that people here belong to different religions, regions and castes. Despite belonging to a unified nation, people of India still fight over different regions, castes, communities, religions, languages, etc. These are the main obstacles for our country and the reason why we still lag in many fields across industries.

These days the news is filled with updates about domestic violence, kidnapping, murder, theft, riots due to communalism and a lot more. We rarely get to see about new inventions that are made by India because our main focus is on all the negativity instead of focusing on the positives.

One of the pressing reasons for this is poverty which stems from people in the villages migrating to cities and settling in slums with sub-par facilities and means. India’s urban infrastructure has worsened over the years due to this. We see slums in almost all the major cities which have become the cause of diseases, poor facilities, improper drainage systems, fights, difficulties living conditions, lack of jobs,crime, etc.

Trust me, things would be very normal and our country would progress if – ‘We the people of India’ begin to understand each other’s language, religion, cast, views, opinions and perspectives. This would help us not only to know each other well but also build strong relationships within and even outside our country. It’s this basic understanding that needs to be popularized to make sure that our future doesn’t remain in the same state as how it is now. The only means for it is to educate people. Education creates an understanding that we all are equal and removes the idea of discrimination by bringing the feeling of oneness. It gives an inspiration to focus on the good aspects which will prove to be helpful for all.

For example, ‘Teach for India’ is an organisation which aims at providing excellent education to all the children. They have a slogan called ‘one day all the children will attain excellent education’. This means that they are not only providing education in terms of teaching the subjects but they are also providing important skills to children like critical thinking, analysing, hypothesis, thinking out of the box and learning circles which teaches that we all are equal.

Even though we are getting dragged down by the illiteracy and poverty prevalent in our country, a well-educated country is our doorway to progress. Despite being pulled a year back because of the global pandemic, a country that is working on their growth, skills and development will never face another challenge again.


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