The only Change we must Fight!

The pitter-patter of raindrops bring back memories of making paper boats, jumping in the puddle, taking a warm bath after getting drenched in the rain and of course relishing all the bhajiyas (fritters) in the world with a hot cup of chai. But hey, we forgot the most exciting part of this season – the rainbows and the greenery. It’s almost magical, isn’t it? As beautiful as the monsoon season is, lately it has been a cause of destruction and loss!
The coming of rains is always associated with prosperity, joy, and growth. Yet, in the past few years, it has been a cause of immense worry. The 2006 Mumbai floods, the Kedarnath tragedy, and the very recent cloudburst in Dharamshala – are just few of the instances. Curious to what led to the monsoon season being a cause of panic now-a-days?
If y’all are thinking, it is US, human beings: You’ve nailed it. While man was progressing, he completely forgot and abandoned nature. We took our resources for granted and never thoroughly sat down and understand the repercussions of our actions. Though there is a brighter side to this: It is not too late!
We are no climate change experts but here are some things all of us can do to avoid the further depletion of resources and thereby, climate change; so we can go back to enjoying rains and all other seasons to their fullest! And the best part is that these changes and practices are easily possible in the comfort of our homes.
Discard the paper: Yes, y’all read that right… but not completely! (Got y’all there!) Repurpose old clothes, tablecloths to use as kitchen towels, napkins instead of using paper tissues or paper towels.
Let’s compost: Did y’all know half of our waste in the trash can be composted? There are several ways by which we can get started. We can either start at our own home or through the the city municipality compost programs that allow residents to throw fruit and vegetable scarps in the green bin for yard cuttings.
Pull the plug: Don’t worry this isn’t what y’all are thinking. But it is definitely something all of us can and must do as a step towards a better tomorrow. Therefore, we must habitually unplug electronic devices once they are used as quarter of all residential energy comes from devices on idle power mode that is- sleeping mode which costs about $19 billion in electricity bills. (Imagine the money we’d save!)
Last but not the least –
Obsess over water usage: Want to help cities save energy and become more resilient in the face of natural calamities? Pay attention to water management. Reuse, reduce, and recycle water at all times. This is the most detrimental aspect to reverse climate change.
We are sure that if we do our bit, there is nothing stopping us. The only way to ensure that we enjoy our bhajiyas in any season for the years to come is by changing our ways and thinking about the nature too!

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