A step towards a greener life!

The uniqueness of our planet has been discussed for ages. Earth has been serving all kinds of life-forms since its very conception. It simply didn’t sustain life but in fact evolved over the years. Amongst the various life-forms, we, humans were given the most superior position in the ecosystem. We were given the onus to take care of this planet through our capabilities, mind power, and intelligence. The planet trusted us to be its guardian. The question is – are we doing the needful to live up to the responsibility endowed on us? Over the years, we have seen a steady decline of our beloved planet and yet, we haven’t really cared much about it. The supposedly, emotionally intelligent species is failing to understand the planet’s needs and requirements. Mother Nature has been kind to all of us in our tough times; now it is our chance to serve our highest responsibility and take care of our Earth.

This cannot be an event that is honoured or celebrated once a year on the 5th of June. Much like our planet, we have to be a conscious as global citizens. However, this might be a big responsibility to tackle all at once. Hence, we bring ya’ll a few things we all can do towards a better quality of life. These aren’t some complicated concepts but simple acts we can take up consciously to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.
Low-flow showers: Well… do not be surprised but a ten minute shower uses up to 35 litres of water whereas, a bucket uses 50 litres… We just saved 15 litres of water by just being informed and educated about our appliances.
Cloth/Cane bags: Yes, this is an advice repeatedly given by governments and yet, we haven’t been able to change it. So, here’s the most common and helpful tip towards a greener planet.
Use containers: The easiest way to make a direct impact is via changing the way we store our food. Instead of one use plastic containers or zip-pouches, invest in Tupperware, metal or glass containers that are reusable. They are not only environment friendly but also keep perishable items fresh for a longer time.
Commute via public transport/Car-pooling: Pandemic being an exception, we must always opt for public transport or share our ride with our friends/colleagues. This directly leads to a reduction in the emission of harmful gases and usage of fuel. This is a cost effective solution as well.

Carry water bottles: Instead of purchasing mineral water every time we step out. We must make an aware decision by carrying our own bottles and refilling them through filters. The plastic used for mineral water bottles are of the cheapest quality and are non-biodegradable.
Buy less: Over the years, we have become hoarders. Where in the early stages of evolution man was always moving with absolutely no baggage; now we buy things we don’t need from the money might not have. This directly leads to an increase in the amount of eventual waste. Save time, money as well as the planet!

The list is a never-ending one. But let’s make these small changes for starters? Not just for the textbooks, but let us sincerely practice Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Our Earth needs us now, more than ever!

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