Together we are, forever we’ll be,
Why be afraid
When everything can be sought out easily.
Keep faith,
One day we’ll surely taste victory!

Life is a gift,
Obviously there will be twists.
So let’s accept the challenge and overcome it.

Let us collect our hope together,
Bring our hands closer to our heart,
Convincing ourselves that it is just a small part.

Dream higher and hope that the future will be bright,
Bestow us with never-ending joy which will turn out to be right.

Why go out in search of pleasure,
Stay home, our families are a treasure.

The smile that they bring on our face,
One that can never be erased.
The leisure that they provide,
Will always stay in our heart
They’ll always be our guide.

At the end of the day family is all we’ve got,
To look after each other,
To comfort each other,
That everything will be fine,
And one day this lost country would be mine!


– Aliza, student at Claylab

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