I’m always there! :)

She feels depressed and low, like everyone else when an unfortunate situation occurs in life. Yet, rarely does she have someone to share her feelings with. All she needs to know in her times of despair is that she is not alone. There’s thousands of people, who are alone and just like her. And that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes.

And all I would want to say to her when a problem prolongs and remains unresolved is that talk to someone about it. Once she does that, she’ll feel absolutely relaxed and at ease. Always remember that if we control our thinking we could always make things better.

I wish she just sits with herself, does what she likes and when nothing helps I hope she talks to me. I hope she know I’m always with her. One hug and all her pain will cease to exist. A hug from me that will assure her that she is not alone in the family and that all of us exist because of her.

As I write this for her, I am very grateful to the day when she gave me birth, because she makes me proud every single day. It is because of her that I can achieve things. On that note, I would like to do something for her and that is, I would like to listen to her and help her achieve her goals throughout her life. She is the best the way she is because she inspires me, her daughter. I love her loads.

I just want her to remember: Mom you are never alone.

– Aliza, student at Claylab

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