Get, Set, Go!

Being a student of Teach for India is delighting when I reflect back on it, as a student. It reminds me of writing my first essay about “Myself”. I can see all the achievements I have made since then. I have gained academic excellence but more than that, I have observed my way of assimilating and perceiving things has changed drastically. My critical thinking skills made me very strong and helped me deal with any situation that stood before me. My thoughts have made me explore numerous ideas and made me aware about different things that drew me towards blogging.

Today, I can have effective conversations with my parents on various topics and can counter question every time I have a doubt. I help my mom whenever she gets stuck with any particular topic and also my brother with his math problems. I’ve learnt as a student, that I have a crucial role towards my family members, peers, or neighbours around me as they also require help and I can become a resource to them, which is good deed.

I have a different approach towards life, unlike others; not to say that I am special but this a distinctive change I have noticed within me. Now, I make decisions with the required maturity and apply them to solve a particular problem or deal with a situation. I have not only achieved new heights, but also overcome many obstacles on the way. I remember I didn’t have a pencil to write when I was in kindergarten school and I was still a happy girl but it never deterred me from learning. I always tried to make the most of what I have and just get on with life. I am a go-getter that way!

Being a student for me hasn’t just been about academics but also my entire journey till now.

I believe that we must never stop learning. If we lack something in terms of skill or resource, we must continue to learn, as it is the only way to grow! I lacked a lot of resources but still continued to study and promised myself to never give up on my dreams and only then will I be able to help others to achieve their dreams.

– Aliza Shaikh, Student at Clay


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