The recipe for success in 2021!

Our planet is a home for innumerable life forms. They play their part in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Like all other species we are just another kind, trying to sustain ourselves and the planet. Though, do you ever wonder what sets us apart from all other life forms? Well… It is simply our ability to constantly evolve consciously and express ourselves without any limitation. Human beings are gifted with vivid imagination and the ability to materialise them through their skill set, talent and determination. These qualities lead to the conception of several dreams and aspirations throughout our lives; and the act of achieving all these goals is defined as success!

Every individual has an idea of what their success story must look like. But while we are treading on the path to attain our goals we must always remember that every person’s idea of success is different. While for some it might be about landing their dream job; for others it could be settling down and having a family. The goal must not be about replicating someone else’s idea of success but in fact, creating our own ideas and making them happen, no matter what comes our way. However contrasting the ideas of success might be for different people, the passage to attain it remains the same.

If we take a closer look at all the successful people that we know, we would notice that all of them share one common trait – Discipline. Neither their talent nor resources, but the simple yet courageous small acts that they perform every single day consistently, make them capable enough to achieve their set goals. Being successful is not about doing extraordinary things but doing ordinary things extraordinarily. It is about focusing on the small things rather than taking a big leap without the necessary foundation. All the glitz and glamour we see around a successful person is not accomplished overnight; they failed a million times before they experienced their moment of glory. The key to success is not, not failing but to never give up!
The man who brought electricity and the first motion camera to our lives, Thomas Edison failed thousand times before he made the first successful prototype of the light bulb. Point being, life is going to pull us down, break us, if it can but the real strength lies in not succumbing to those pressures but getting up time and again to achieve our dreams and ideas of being successful. It is not a day’s journey, so keep at it and keep soaring! After all, there is only one secret to get ahead and that is to get started!

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’ – Walt Disney


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    Muskan mishra

    Thank u so much didi for sharing this with us and it’s very true😊❤️❤️we also learn many new words from this.

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