Let’s learn about OURSELVES?

You are NOT Hyper!

Well, here’s the great thing about the brain, it functions differently for different people. Unlike our other body parts that are effectively instructed by our brain to do a certain activity a certain way, our brain enjoys autonomy. Often we might wonder that why do we learn or unlearn things differently than others? That is the absolute beauty of the Multiple kinds of intelligence. While some might just be able to look at something and register it forever, others might feel the need to note it down for better retention and understanding.

Point being, none of us are slow, we just understand things in our own way. This amazing understanding of the mind and thereby the brain was aptly put forth by Howard Gardner in his Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Do not be surprised, but there are eight great ways of being intelligent and yet we all are trying to race to the finish line by the most superficial understanding of intelligence. Basically, whatever majority of the population does, we assume it is the ONLY way to do things and this only damages our unique ability to perceive and interpret things. We literally curb our own unique attribute.

While we are at it, let’s understand the most commonly misunderstood intelligence. It is often seen as being hyperactive, fidgety or rather people who need to engage in some sort of bodily or physical expression. They are rather swift, quick on their feet, LITERALLY and often engaged in two activities at a time, if not more. This is not them being hyper or all over the place but in fact they have superior mind and body coordination than the rest of us. They have this amazingly astonishing quality to use their body parts or the whole body to solve problems or create new tangible things. Oh, also they do it with utmost precision.

What makes them so special is while a majority of us can either do the THINKING or do the DOING, Kinesthetically intelligent people can do both of these activities together with absolute perfection. It might seem as overdrive for most, for them it is simply the way they function. The best way to describe them would be – ‘people who have the ability to move from intention to action rather quickly and precisely.’ The way they remember or retain is specifically by DOING than just hearing or seeing something. They have a more hands-on approach to things.

Before you start putting a face to this type of intelligence, here are a few famous people who might make it easier to understand. Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey, Serena Williams, Tom Cruise; basically the best of the best possess this intelligence and they are our heroes. For everyone who identifies them as a person who feels the need to doodle, note down, who would rather stand than sit, you are not weird and you definitely are not alone, you have Tom Cruise on your side.

We all learn and effectively use learning in different ways. We possess all types of intelligence in different measures. Do not be afraid of doing things differently, that is the exact thing that sets you apart. If the kinesthetic shoe fits, embrace it, Cinderella. You could be a surgeon or the greatest sports person to have ever lived. Doodle and jump your way through life!


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  1. Priti chhetri Avatar
    Priti chhetri

    Very informative and very well put! I found it very helpful knowing that i can bloom at my own pace without feeling the need to rush and worry

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