An Autobiography Of A Car…

Tharrr….thar…ttthaatrrr…tttt…. “Throw it away in the junkyard or it will eat up all your income.” The last words, I heard from the mechanic and since months here, among hundreds of jalopies, waiting for someone to recreate me. I remember when those engineers worked so hard day- night and decided a model. It was experimented on one of my friends’, who was as sick and lone as I’m now! 

Thinking about the miracle with him gives me the hope, one day a lady or a gentleman would come with a model and redeem me. I remember, then I was just a metal piece with a weird- shiny figure. I was just so excited thinking about my colour, texture, master, model and everything I could think about. I could feel the current that was given to me for a good texture, I could feel new organs fitting within never knowing there were going to be my parts forever. This continued for a month and soon I was covered with polyester for the exposition and was waiting for a rich master to pay for me, take me at his grand parking. 

One day, my mistress comes by, takes me along and says I was her first earning; this makes me more radiant and prouder. She celebrates my presence with her family, friends, and colleagues. They came in ride with me. I love the everyday routine… running to drop her at the office place, then home again. Sometimes to the bars, airport parking, hospitals and alot of places. I meet a lot like me, some old and some brand new. But I feel more worth & special, although I was her first earning. She guarded me with a thick chain, gave me bath every weekend. I love the highways, the muddy roads, to splash water and mud on others and go vanish…..oh the fun!!                

 Suddenly, a wild- dirty monster with 4 giant wheels and heavy load crashes inot me….thussss…hhsshh….     Broken! I hear unbearable noise and soon when trying to figure out things, I feel wet…wet inside! Oh…it’s red and thick and warm… blood! My mistress doesn’t open her eyes, doesn’t move to see me if I’m fine. And just in few hours, I realize she’s dead…            Left me alone. 

Then I was driven & controlled by her brother. Raced and crashed, repaired and parked in not parking areas. A lot of pending penalties, took me under custody. Those mischievous boys scratch their girlfriend’s name to prove their romance. The dog peed, and a man spit too. Whereas, a legend proved his humanity by stealing the diesel and taking off my three stars. The angry brother kicks on my tires and my door and leaves me all alone, punctured. Years pass by, dust covered me with no air entering inside. 

Articulating, at last, a car hauler pulls my back; takes me to throw me away in an automobile graveyard where I wait for another messiah to take me with him. Or at least burn me so I’m not dying every day in this hot sun waiting for someone’ s arrival.

– Kanchan Singh (11th – Science student at Clay)


2 responses to “An Autobiography Of A Car…”

  1. Very wonderfully written dear, love your creativity!! I can imagine the whole situation which it try to say!! You have portray the ideas and words very well!!! Love it!:)❤

  2. My god!!! This was just amazing kanchan 👏👏…. Your illustration, your creative thinking and the execution 😍😍 …
    Well done kanchan keep it up👏👏

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