Should one always say the truth, no matter what?

If you’d ask Nandeene this question,

Her answer would always be YES.

One should always and always say the truth,

No matter what!


Nandeene strongly agrees here.

“Don’t say anything if it is not more beautiful than silence.

If you can’t be honest; be silent.”


The more honest we will be,

The easier life will be for us;

because if we once choose to lie,

Then we get into the *loop* of lying…

You’ll have to come up with

a 100 lies more just to cover that one!


Another line that hits her hard is

“They say ‘actions speak louder than words’,

But guys; words can directly stab someone’s heart.”

Sometimes we may feel that by not telling the truth,

we aren’t hurting someone,

but we are actually hiding the reality from them…

which someday, will be in front of them.

You may think you didn’t hurt them by telling them then,

But if they know later; it would hurt more.

It’s never too late, to tell the truth.

You may pause, take your time but don’t hide it.

Tell them, no matter how hard it would be.

The earlier they know; the sooner they can recover and heal.


We all want to live in a world where honesty exists,

where we can trust each other,

where people are truly being themselves

without any mask on their faces.

How can this world be achieved?

Simply just by staying true to ourselves,

and to the people around us!


Be honest to yourself, and the people around you…

Your life would be much simpler;

And your people’s too 🙂

//say the truth, no matter what//

– Nandeene Surwade (Class XI Student of CLAY)


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