A Race, A Dart, A Journey

In the hush, race and dart of life we all ignore the significant beauty that passes by through ever dreaming eyes!

Thoughts about the so required selfishness, keep pondering and pinching you like a thorn, to a slow little crawling ant trying to hurry!

In the quest of growing for oneself we forget to keep up the ones who rely on us!

In the lust of being perfect, some loose their identity, while some create the unreal ones.

This dangerous dart leads us to the drowning dare, the seek for Culprit capital, which holds the perception of being the “organizer” of the hurtful hushes.

At last, when we can’t match the pace, we try to fall the ace, when we also are left behind at this stage, we find ourselves in our cages, cages of self-doubt, self-discouragement and existence. In this very moments we are done making space for us at last we are done “fitting in”!

But wait, we all are taught that there are sides to everything! Sides to the over top leaves, sides to the dreary deserted sand, sides to hindered water dam and sides to the mud in the forest!

Yes there are sides, the unreal reality is that you can choose your own side! 

The long life is not a race , dart, hurry  and a hush it is what we make this journey look like, yes it is a journey.

A journey  that is  meant especially for you to be you, Yes auspiciously for you to rise not by leaving others behind, but in fact to walk with them through the journey.

Help is not a favour to offer here, it is a selfless asset, that pays you back while you are unaware.

The real quest for life lies in you to inculcate the art of listening to others more than you advise them.

Life is a fun journey: here you rise by not letting people down but by lifting the unlifted.

And the more you do it, the happier it becomes! 

– Raghvendra Yadav

(Member of our Student Advisory Council at CLAY)


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