Jobs & Careers – A choice of passion

Today I’m here with a topic, which atleast once all of us have thought of in our lifetime. Most of us would also have revieved lots and lots of advice relation to this, atleast i did, quite a large number of them. This blog is about career or job and the importance of following your passion. I would love to share my insight of the matter under consideration.

Well, undoubtedly the truth is all of us want a source of income to run our lives, indeed a stable one. This is one of the thing we are constantly reminded of since our childhood. But somewhere between choosing the right path to study and finding a right job, we overlook what our “Insight calling” says ! We are so focussed about the stability and monetary aspects of life that we ignore our passion. Most of us, settle for a job and never try to keep the career in first place.
On this note let me brief the difference between the career and a job. A Career is where you plan your every step towards achieving the goal you have set for yourself , whereas a job is just going to work to earn a paycheck. Majority of us can get a job with very little education, but right education is the building block of career.

I feel, our ultimatum must be about feeling happy, satisfied with each day of your life, with whatever you choose to do. When you come back home with a smile and eagerness to pick your work the next from where you left it. This eagerness only comes with the sense of satisfaction and happiness in your work is giving you. Basically, I believe this kind of work is what all of us have to choose and build a career in that field.
A career is about ambitions, being ambitious amd sucessful do not always deliver happiness as a result. So make your call based only on what makes you happy and satisfied and what you feel is worth all your hard work and sacrifices.
Choosing a job ot career is your choice but I feel when we look at our choices they should only make is proud of ourselves. We must try to not make decisions that end up with regretting and the worse part is that we will not even have a choice to rectify them.
Anshika Singh,
Grade 12th Commerce.

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